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Business Tax Planning

Business Tax Planning

Tax Planning is a very important part of a yearly business cycle.

There will always be questions associated with year end:

  • What is my estimated tax liability?
  • What kind of things can I do to get the liability lower?
  • Can I do things to that can help my employees and help my business tax situation?

The next series of questions include:

  • What will next year look like for the business?
  • Will the business be stronger and more profitable next year?
  • Will the business cash flow be enough to fuel the growth?
  • What if the business needs outside cash to grow?
  • Do I need more workers to grow, and when should they be hired?

We encourage all of our clients to look ahead and plan. We find that new prospective clients can have a good look at us if they are thinking about changing tax accountants using our method of year end planning.
Until either the 9-9-9 tax reform is implemented or the president has put in a flat tax, don’t try to do tax planning without a tax professional. We are a full service, year-round tax planning, tax preparation, and tax resolution firm.

Give us a call to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. We are here to help!

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