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Fake IRS Notice – “Unreported / Underreported Income”

Please take note of this:  I have been getting these for almost a month, and normally a couple of times a day.  The sender is Internal Revenue Service.  The e-mail is titled, “Notice of Underreported Income”. This is the body of the e-mail:

Taxpayer ID: bruce-00000XXXXXXXXXXXUS


Issue: Unreported/Underreported Income (Fraud Application)

Please review your tax statement on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) website (click on the link below): (I will not provide this).

It is signed “Internal Revenue Service”.

Please take note that the IRS May send out some information, but ONLY if you have subscribed to a feed yourself.  Any IRS correspondence looks just like the website, and always including an IRS logo.

If you connect, you will be exposing your personal information, so please put this on your Spam list and then delete it so it does not even sit in your e-mail box.

Any questions, please contact Bruce at