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Individual Tax Planning

Individual Tax Planning

Every taxpayer should think about doing tax planning before the end of the year. Even the simplest tax returns have issues that can impact your tax return:

  • Should I pay my property tax bill in December for the full year or half a year?
  • Do I have enough medical/dental deduction to get some benefit this year?
  • How can I better manage my charitable giving this year?

If you are self-employed, the challenges are greater:

  • Auto market is depressed now; should I buy or lease a new car?
  • My computer is old, when should I buy a new one?
  • I don’t know if I withheld enough for taxes during the year; can I fix that before year end?
  • I need some additional staff within the next six months; when is the best time to add and how?
  • I work out of my home; is anything deductible for that?

We do several hundred tax returns a year, and consult with hundreds of home owners and business owners each year. For each question you may have, we may have already answered it dozens of times for other tax clients.
Until either the 9-9-9 tax reform is implemented or the president has put in a flat tax, don’t try to do tax planning without a tax professional.  We are a full service, year-around tax planning, tax preparation, and tax resolution firm.

Give us a call to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. We are here to help!

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