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Individual Tax Services

Individual Tax Services

We provide comprehensive tax planning, preparation & representation for individuals looking for personalized tax solutions from an experienced, Certified Public Accountant.

Individual tax services include tax planning, tax preparation and tax representation.

  • Tax planning is usually done best during the last half of the year with the final planning being done the last quarter of the year.   We emphasize planning so that clients can arrive at the best tax position at the end of the year.  We encourage our clients to contact us throughout the year on issues and decisions that will affect the tax return.
  • Income Tax preparation. This is done best with ample time to review the results of the tax return prior to sending the the respective tax agency.  After you are a client of ours, we provide a client organizer showing last year’s tax numbers for ease of gathering information for the current year.
  • Tax representation.  When our clients get tax notices, then we can step in quickly to handle the situation.  The tax agencies are increasing their rate of audits as well as the manner in which the audits are conducted.  We have felt strongly about doing the best job for our clients, so in late 2008, Bruce became a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

Give us a call to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation. We are here to help!

Bruce Andersen, MS-Tax, CPA, and Certified Tax Resolution Specialist, can be reached at 818-225-8022, ext 204, or

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