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Business Tax Services

Business Tax Services

business tax servicesAndersen CPA Provides Comprehensive Business Tax Services including income tax preparation, payroll taxes & sales tax, city business licensing issues and other important state and federal tax form requirements, such as the unsecured property tax. We got it covered when it comes to managing businesses’ tax needs.

For our Business Clients, we provide a more extensive variety of services, since Businesses are touched by a wider variety of tax agencies.

  • Income Tax for businesses follows a similar pattern as individual in that tax planning begins half way through the year.  Income taxes for businesses are due two and a half months into the new year.  That is one month sooner than individuals.
  • Payroll Taxes. We can assist in many ways.  You can contract with us to do everything; you can do your own payroll and then we can do deposits and the tax returns; or, we can help you select the right service for you.  We try to do the best service for what the client needs.
  • Sales tax.  For businesses, we assist in the preparation and filing of sales tax.  The trend is now to do monthly deposits as well as the actual tax returns through e-filing.
  • City business licenses. The city of Los Angeles, as well as many other cities in the state require a city license to be filed.  There has been a trend to have cities obtain information from the State income tax returns and compare it with City filings.  We guide our clients through the preparation and filing of these tax returns as well as representing them should the city audit them.
  • Unsecured property tax (Form 571-L). If you are in business you generally will have to file this form.  As you add assets to your business when you grow, then these are additions to the form.  If you sell or dispose of assets, then are reductions to your tax base.  This tax is due August 1st of each year.

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